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What is an IVR? What is Geomant's OnCall IVR?

Interactive Voice Response (IVR) or self-service telephony is an incredibly cost-effective and customer-focused technology allowing callers to interact with an organization in an automated fashion. While having a breathing, living expert at the end of the line is often useful and needed, an enormous amount of tasks can be achieved and requests served by software systems providing faster, precise and secure transactions. IVR applications range from simple and static auto-attendant functions ('Press 1 for Sales, 2 for Support') to secure transactional back-office and database interrogation, often using a dynamically changing call flow as frequently deployed by financial and other enterprise level organizations.

Self-service applications can be deployed stand-alone, but are often integrated with a Contact Center platform. IVR can be used to front or end a call – e.g. to provide automated call quality surveys, or can be embedded within a call with an agent.

OnCall IVR is most commonly deployed with Geomant's contact centre solution – Contact Expert – however it can also be used together with Microsoft's Skype for Business Response Group feature.

Both DTMF ('Press 1') and voice recognition ('Say "Sales"') interactions can be deployed. 

The OnCall IVR product suite consists of actually two separate software solutions – the IVR Engine is providing the IVR menu flows to the callers while the IVR Designer is used to build these flows.

Please visit the product marketing site for further high level details on Geomant's IVR solution.

Product Overview

The IVR Designer is the primary user interface component of the OnCall IVR software solution bundle – the other major component being the actual IVR Engine. The IVR Designer is used to create, modify and save multiple versions of the flows, to maintain temporary versions while editing, and to publish them into the IVR Engine using an intuitive graphical user interface. 

Features like predefined templates, customized nodes and global variables also contribute to product versatility and enhanced user productivity.

IVR Designer is a web application. It is running on a web server and storing all related data in a database. The application can be accessed through web browsers. When publishing a call flow, IVR Designer uploads the complete flow to the IVR including all announcements using a web service (IVRWS).

Software Components

The IVR Designer has two main components – a database for storing all Designer related data, and a web application providing the visual user experience and the software logic in the background. These components are installed separately.

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