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What is Contact Expert?

Geomant Contact Expert ('CE') is a fully-featured multi-media contact centre software solution for Microsoft Unified Communications Platform using any combination of voice, email, SMS and web-chat channels. It is a natively integrated solution for Skype for Business server environment and provides a managed customer interaction environment by delivering comprehensive contact centre functionality. Contact Expert leverages the extensibility of Skype for Business by using the underlying SfB telephony platform, collaboration tools and Microsoft server environment, as well as any high availability network infrastructure design that you choose to deploy.

Hosted CE

Geomant provides the full power of its heavy duty contact centre solution as a cloud based offering for customers who do not wish to deploy and maintain all the server side prerequisites for Contact Expert.

Geomant takes the hassle of upkeeping the server components including all the operational maintenance as well as upgrading and onboarding.

For further details please visit the Hosted Contact Expert article.

Product Versions

Read more about every version of the product by clicking the links below.

Each topic includes:

  • Release Notes: a short description and 'what's new' about the latest version.
  • Installation Guide: contains a list of hardware and software prerequisites, configuration details to be set and deployment checklist. Please make sure you review these articles before installation/upgrade.
  • Deployment Guide: contains detailed installation, upgrade and migration steps.
  • Administrator's Guide: contains articles on system parameter definitions, operational and maintenance tasks created for administrators in order to keep CE in a viable state.
  • Agent Guide: contains comprehensive articles about the software product created for agents who use it on an every day basis.

Current Version

Previous Versions