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What is Desktop Connect?

Desktop Connect unites CRM systems, such as Salesforce, Microsoft Dynamics, SAP, eGain or LAGAN with Avaya Communication Manager (CM) providing a seamless solution for customer interactions across multiple communication channels. By leveraging the telephony functions of Avaya CM and capabilities like an intelligent screen-pop, 3rd party call control, click-to-dial, Avaya call recording and a unified agent desktop it delivers improvements in staff efficiency and cost reduction.

Product Versions

Read more about every version of the product by clicking the links below.

The links include:

  • Guides to all product types, such as DC Express, DC Unified Agent and DC for CRM
  • Release Notes: a short description and 'what's new' about the latest version
  • Installation Guide: contains a list of hardware and software prerequisites, configuration details to be set and deployment checklist. Please make sure you review these articles before installation/upgrade
  • Deployment Guide: contains detailed installation, upgrade and migration steps
  • Administrator's Guide: contains articles on system parameter definitions, operational and maintenance tasks created for administrators in order to keep CE in a viable state
  • Agent Guide: contains comprehensive articles about the software product created for agents who use it on an every day basis

Current Version

Previous Versions