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System Availability

Voice CallpathHEALTHY
Administration PortalHEALTHY
Agent ConnectivityHEALTHY

Current Events

HEALTHY Currently all systems are healthy.

Upcoming Maintenance Events


Event History

10th July, 2019 between 00:00 and 01:00 UTC+01:00 – Server side software updates

Application server updates are going to be performed. We do not anticipate any serious effect on the production services however, as the built in redundancies will handle outages on any single affected component. Would you like to ask questions or get more insight into the planned activities, please raise a new support ticket.

These updates do not require any actions on the agent side. No updates or configuration changes are needed.

26th May, 2019 between 21:00 and 23:59 UTC+01:00 – Server side software updates

We will perform routine system updates on the environment that should pose no risk to the end customer calls landing in the system. Would agents be logged in and working at this time might receive notices in their Contact Expert and SfB Client applications during the update process, however a signout/signin process on both the SfB Client as well as the Contact Expert Client apps should fix these.

These updates do not require any actions on the agent side. No updates or configuration changes are needed.

27th April, 2019 between 21:00 and 23:59 UTC+01:00 – Server side software and architecture upgrade

Geomant is scheduled to perform a server side upgrade to bring the CE and IVR components to their currently available latest release versions. The event is expected to pose no lasting customer effect during the service window as the number of inbound calls managed at this time is expected to be extremely small – and we are working through the migration by changing a single node in redundant service pools, therefore there will always be working components. Would any one system be actually handling a call at the moment a migration is started, then that will be disconnected, however the telephony systems will sense the outage and reroute the next calls to a working node.

After the upgrade, the client software components will still be running on a previous product version compared to the server side. This is not expected to introduce any effect on normal operations, however customers are encouraged to upgrade these components to the latest version as soon as it is logistically possible to keep these versions in sync and also to enjoy the benefits of all bugfixes and new features introduced.

The download link for the new client components are going to be provided to you personally by the Geomant Cloud Operations team (DevOps) in the upcoming days.

Would you like to know more about this planned event, please raise a support ticket.