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Although Contact Expert provides music on hold and other similar audio content playing functionality, it does not provide any licensed audio content. To use your own licensed music, you need to replace the built-in audio files.

Step-by-step guide

The following files are played at certain events:

connect.wmaPlayed to the caller while the call is taken out of a queue and transferred to the next available agent.
hold.wmaPlayed to the caller as soon as the agent puts the caller on hold.
failed.wmaPlayed to the agent in an outbound call scenario, when the customer rejected the call.
queue.wmaPlayed to the caller while the call waits in the queue for an agent to become available.
ringback.wmaPlayed to the agent in an outbound call scenario, while the call rings at the customer.

The system loads the files with the exact names above. You can modify the audio content, but the names must remain as is, otherweise the system will not load the new files.

To change these files follow the steps below: 


  1. Log in to the CE Core Host.

  2. Browse the following folder: "[CE install path]\Audio\" (e.g. "C:\Geomant\CE\Audio\" by default).

  3. Replace the corresponding event music files with new ones:
    1. Hold music: "hold.wma"
    2. Queue music: "queue.wma"
    3. Connected / rejected / ringing tones: "connect.wma" / "failed.wma" / "ringback.wma"

  4. CE Services need to be restarted in order to get the new files playing as they are cached for faster access.

CE 5.7+

  1. Log on to the CE administration portal.

  2. Navigate to the Storages resource list and click Edit on the relevant row.

  3. Click the Audio files tab and then add, delete, rename or update the existing event music files.

    Files having the above literal names will be played at the documented events. Any other audio files will be played according to the message specifications in the Skype Parameters resource.